Contraception With Natural Herb

Contraceptive use natural techniques are widely used. Contraception with natural herbs pretty much an option for couples of childbearing age in order to make family planning especially in reproduction.
Then if the contraceptive is effective natural herbal? The use of contraception with natural herbs is quite effective, but keep in mind is the dose and dosing of the drug. Find more information about herbal medicine can be used as a natural contraceptive.

How to Delay Pregnancy Without Contraception
Simply secure postpone pregnancy without contraception? Some ways to determine the fertile period include:
- Basal Temperature Method.

Methods to determine the fertile period is done by measuring body temperature regularly wife. Typical temperature ranges between 36 degrees Celsius.
- Rhythm Method.

Calendar method is very dependent on regular menstrual cycles. Therefore, make sure you have regular menstrual cycles. Delaying Pregnancy With Sexual Methods Disconnected
This method is quite simple: by blocking the cell meets the egg and sperm cells. Delay or prevent pregnancy by using contraception at risk of failure, but if it is done without the risk of contraceptive failure is much higher, because the necessary expertise and knowledge. But on the one hand by delaying pregnancies without contraception is more natural and without side effects.

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