Get Pregnant After the Honeymoon

The honeymoon is a good chance to be alone to be able to speak freely and to get pregnant! When the honeymoon sure when the fertile period, the 12th day until the 16th when regular menstrual cycles (28 days). Avoid honeymoon as premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or during menstruation. So that the sperm can wait until ovulation.
• Promise not to think about work. Before leaving, make an agreement with your spouse not to work, pick up the phone / BBM, open work-related email. Stress think the work will disrupt hormones essential for pregnancy.
• Avoid high-impact activities, such as bungee jumping, diving, water skiing, paragliding and rafting, making the body fatigue and high adrenalin would frustrate conception if done after sex. Choose activities that keep your body relaxed as body massage, swimming, biking or a leisurely stroll around chatting.
• The honeymoon is not solid. The honeymoon is not entirely for sightseeing, but indulge yourself with friends. Better to choose a honeymoon package that has several unoccupied schedules for both of you the freedom to explore the city, where the honeymoon.
• Vary the place to make love. Try a challenging area in the honeymoon. • Mute egos. Plan a relaxing honeymoon trip, do not hurry so as not to trigger anger. • Consumption dish tastes of sex. As coklet, bananas and grapes. So the sex drive would be more fiery and more enjoyable sex show.
• Bring sexy underwear. Do not let one choose lingerie so damaging husband appetite for sex. Do not be stingy with the hunt for cheap honeymoon package, such as cheap tickets, cheap hotels and cheap food. Free the mind!

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