How to Enlarge the Penis by Mak Erot (Fact or Lie ?)

When the name of Mak Erot, alternative medicine penis enlargement began widely known Indonesian society, many men who try their luck with the treatment of a vital tool Mak Erot’s style. That said, the penis can be transformed into a man bigger than before. In fact, male patients can choose the length and diameter they want.

Mak Erot on how to practice, usually the man who came first were told to choose the size leumeung (a type of glutinous elliptic in a bamboo-ed). People call lemang in Sumatra, sticky burned in bar / bamboo tubes. Through this medium will Mak Erot determine penis size man. Lemang size also varies, ranging from 5 cm in diameter with a length of 20 cm, to the large size of the diameter of 8 cm and a length of 21 cm.

After he selected the desired size, then any treatment process can begin. Mak Erot not use any tools, he just told to lie down and then massaged. The massage is done Mak Erot is not long, only about 15 to 20 minutes. After a massage, Mak Erot will deliver water that has been given special spells. Then, patients were asked to take lemang who had chosen to run.

Not quite up there, male patients were also given a special oil to rub on his penis. For the treatment process, and get the maximum results, there is a taboo that must be passed by a patient man, which did not have sex with a partner for one week.

For the result, some say proven, and some say a lie. According to you?

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