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How to Enlarge Penis Naturally

Penis or Mr. P is the male and is an external organ. Biologically, the function of Mr. P is as a means of disposal (excretory organs) fluid tangible metabolism (urination) and as a tool for reproduction. The peritoneum itself develops from mesoderm. By the time the baby is born, a vital tool has expanded. In some developmental disorders can occur Mr. P is hidden or there hermafroditisme, ie both sex organs are formed all.

In normal growth, Mr. P and bag testicles begin to experience growth during puberty (puberty legal age in Islamic religious terms). The hormone testosterone plays a role in this development. Having manhood size tools (Mr. P) which is more than average size, is an honor for a man. So there are some men who visit a doctor or visiting people who have special advantages to increase the size of the tool masculinity (Mr. P).

The way to raise or increase the size of male virility tools (Mr. P), among others:

Technique Points
This technique is a stretch at Mr. P to obtain a more optimal length. Pubococcygeus muscle is a muscle that is responsible for erection, power, length Mr.P and regulate the flow of urine.

Wet Technique
To perform this technique needed help lubricants like lotion. Before performing this technique, Grease first hand that will be used to process this technique then make a sign like ‘OK’ around Mr. P. Then slide your finger from the base of Mr. P toward the head. Both ways (techniques) to extend the size of male virility tools (Mr. P) is indeed not been clinically tested. But to achieve maximum results needed patience and consistent to keep doing therapy. Since both ways (techniques) to extend the tool virility man (Mr. P) can not make Mr. P grew longer in an instant (instant) although the results obtained will still be temporary. Hopefully useful.


Caring for Men Vital Organ

Although annoying, occasionally losing desire or failed to maintain an erection should not be too worried. Treatment, alcohol consumption, smoking and psychological factors such as depression, stress and anxiety at work can complicate matters. Stop smoking!

Meanwhile, their sex lives are just a leisurely stroll changed little. Running, swimming, and cycling are good choices.

Reduce fat

The doctors believe that diet to become a mighty man is a low-fat diet, with only 20 percent of calories come from fat. If you eat 2500 calories per day, then limit your fat intake is about 50 grams. Excess weight can cause your penis length is reduced. Hundreds of medications can cause impotence as a side effect, including diuretics, lowering high blood pressure, some antidepressants, and antipsychotics. Alcohol moderation

Alcohol is a depressant that slows reflexes function, including sexual though. Limit yourself to just two cans of beer or a glass of wine a day, said Saul Rosenthal, MD, director of the Sexual Therapy Clinic of San Antonio in San Antonio, Texas, and author of Sex over 40. Beware

Injury to the penis is often the cause of impotence, says Irwin Goldstein, MD, professor of urology at Boston University School of Medicine. “Injury to the penis can cause rupture of the fibrous wall that serves to resist the pressure when an erection occurs.